Self Service Redesign

Fault reporting flow diagram Fault reporting page


BT is the privatised UK state telecommunications operator and the dominant fixed line telecommunications provider in the United Kingdom, responsible for approximately 25 million telephone lines.


BT was in the process of replatforming all of their web self service sites, which included their line of networked IT services. To accomplish this they needed a web interface for their back end system. The site needed to meet best practices for self service sites while also meeting the specific requirements of the back end, including its process and interface constraints.


I was responsible for the detailed design of the site including the interface for each of the self service components throughout the customer life cycle. I worked with the BT team to understand their business requirements and develop an effective solution that worked for the business and the user. My deliverables included a flow diagram and detailed interface design for each component including quotes, orders, fault reporting, billing and reporting.

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