Information Architecture Column

From February 2005 — February 2006 I wrote an information architecture column for Digital Web Magazine, an online magazine for professional web designers.

Practical Usability Testing

Usability testing should be an iterative practice, completed several times during the design and development life-cycle. The end result is an improved product and a better understanding of the users that we’re designing for.

Information Architecture as an Extension of Web Design

Web designers have been led to believe that they’re restricted to doing what they’ve always done and should leave the information architecture to the information architects. This does not have to happen.

Getting IA Done, Part I

People are crazy about Getting Things Done these days. First there was 43 Folders, then Lifehacker. Now there’s To-Done and LifeHack. I thought it was about time information architects had a turn.

Getting IA Done, Part II

I asked Digital Web Magazine readers to send me their favorite tips to publish in Part II. I’ve included most of the submissions in this column.