Human Computer Interaction Papers

During grad school I often wished that I was writing for unraveled and the UX community rather than for one of my professors. So much so that much of the work I submitted for my portfolio was pulled directly from this weblog. But I wasn’t able to write all of it for unraveled, and most of my papers have remained locked up on my iBook since I submitted them. I knew that at some point I would publish these papers here for everyone else to read and enjoy. I welcome your feedback on these papers, but please keep in mind that they were written primary as an academic exercise, not as a designer writing for the community.

  1. The interaction design process
  2. A review of DataTiles
  3. Designing a cashpoint
  4. Culture and web design
  5. Serco: an independent usability consultancy
  6. An evaluation of exhibit design at the London Science Museum
  7. Thesis report: Accessible and Usable Web Design