Konigi tools make design more enjoyable

Michael Angeles is a NYC user experience designer. Michael is also the publisher of Konigi, a fantastic resource featuring interface designs, visual designs and more blog-like “notebook” entries. As an interface/web designer, there are a few design tools I would call critical to my everyday work. And it just so happens that two of them were created by Michael. Over the past year since Michael has been publishing Konigi, he’s been moving his design resources from his blog, urlgreyhot, over to Konigi.

The most recent arrival are Michael’s newly updated OmniGraffle Wireframe Stencils which contain almost every element that you might need for your latest web design project. Almost no day goes by when I’m not staring at an OmniGraffle document window next to these stencils. OmniGraffle makes editing stencils a cinch, so I recommend tweaking them slightly as you find necessary for your specific needs. Be sure to let Michael know how you’re using them as he’s always been open and responsive to my feedback.

Michael is also somewhat of a notebook junkie, and his obsession has led to a series of graph paper made exclusively for visual designers, interaction designer and information architects. I often need to storyboard an interaction for a quick evaluation, and I had been using the storyboard template quite a bit. So I was very excited when Michael sent me a few of his new notepads, including an updated storyboard template which I liked ever better. Apparently a lot of other people like them as well because they’re currently sold out, but hopefully they’ll be back in stock again soon.

If you’re an interface designer and haven’t seen these tools yet, I highly encourage you to check them out. Hopefully they’ll make your work as enjoyable as they’ve made mine.


  1. Wow that graph paper is awesome, downloading it right now. I think it’d be cool as a desktop background too.

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