Poll: What should my next Digital Web article cover?

I didn’t call it Information Architecture for the People for nothing…

As I stated at the beginning of my last Digital Web article, Practical Usability Testing, I’m going to focus on core IA practices for my next few articles. I’ve chosen four topics which cover different stages of the design process. Please vote for what you want my next Digital Web article to cover. Thanks!

What should my next Digital Web article cover?

Moving from research to design
bar 43.9%
Conducting audience research
bar 20.4%
Using personas and scenarios
bar 18.9%
Delivering the design
bar 16.6%

Update: The poll is over. Thanks to the 132 readers who responded. With any luck, I’ll get on my next Digital Web article in the next week or two.


  1. Make it about Information Architecture *By* the People.

    Focus on folksonomies, and how people actually have enough incentive on sites like Del.icio.us to help create their own information architecture, and how that dramatically changes the entire industry.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Joshua, but folksonomies really isn’t my area of interest, and I think there’s already a lot out there on the topic. The focus of my work at Digital Web has been practical information architecture, so I’m going to stick to my guns on this one.

  3. As a one-man band, I would love to learn more about audience research, particularly if there are tools or services available to help us do it properly, without having to spend hours coordinating schedules, etc. It seems the cost of such a service could be passed on to the client…

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