CSS Tabs

Since there’s been lots of talk about CSS tabs lately, I wanted to mention that I’ve been playing around with CSS tabs myself. Feedback is welcome.

Update: (10 Feb 07) CSS Tabs 2.0 released with compatibility across 16 browsers.


  1. Joshua,

    You inspired me to change the tabs in my weblog. Thanx!

  2. You’re very welcome, Oskar. They look great on your site.

  3. Just looking around the web tonight, I found this article from Joshua Kaufman on creating tabs with Cascading Style Sheets. My goal was to build the tabs without using images or CSS hacks and with as little CSS as possible….

  4. Tabs don’t work for me! I have IE 5.5 SP1 with the following updates q283908, Q286043, Q279177, Q299618, Q321232, Q323759. Also have Win2K, SP2. Help!!! Thanks, Brian Phelps (brian_p_phelps@yahoo.com).

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