This Is Children’s Book Text

Tanya Rabourn reviews the text sizing articles and compares the browser default settings to children’s book text:

For body type, I would like to not specify any size. Let the user make the choice. However, popular browsers don’t make the resizing options obvious and it’s been a long time since designers left text at the default size, so most users haven’t a clue that they have the power when you give it to them. They just see that in their browsers’ default settings the text looks huge and unsophisticated as if it were a children’s book.

Yes, this weblog has children’s book text, and I think it looks fine but not necessarily “unsophisticated.” One more time: the web is not print.

I used to care more about controlling the text size, but not anymore. I didn’t give up, I gave in - to the browser defaults. It seems the longer that I develop for the Web, the more I use browser defaults and leave the reading experience to the user.


  1. What “Text Nazis” fail to understand is that controlling text size creates more problems than leaving the defaults alone.

  2. I agree. Nothing wrong with default sizes, at least for body text. Maybe that’s just because I like children’s books

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